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模联公告中际教育 2019-06-06 18:28:48 955

The topics we choose for this session are both closely related to the current heated politics issues, and are controversial to some extent. By focusing on the three topics, we hope we could derive your attention to these topics and see the full extension of them, so that you would have a better understanding of the society and develop holistic perspectives towards them.

Note: You should prepare for the competition on all the three topics as well as both sides of each topic, since you will be randomly assigned to any topic for your speech. The same goes for your debate preparation. Bear in mind while doing the research that you have to gain as much information of the topics as possible, and with as diverse aspects of the topics as possible.

议题一: 中国是否应该废除计划生育政策  Topic A: Should the family planning policy be abolished?

2018 年,中国新生儿数量减少了 200 万至 1520 万,这是自 2015年废除备受争议的一胎政策以来,新生儿数量连续第二年下降。 同年,中国的人口增长率为 0.38%,与西欧国家相当。
The number of newborns in China decreased by 2 to 15.2 millions in 2018. It is the se